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Why does my Home Comfort System need regular maintenance?

When it comes to regular maintenance, your HVAC system is very similar to a car. There are a number of moving parts that can wear out over time as well as other components that need regular cleaning. Regular maintenance service is imperative for your Home Comfort System to function properly and efficiently.

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your home or business cooling and heating equipment will keep it running efficiently and effectively, saving you both money and resources over time. Many home and business owners lose a significant amount of money annually as a result of high utility bills due to the inefficient operation of their heating and cooling equipment. Additionally, lack of maintenance is one of the chief causes of premature replacements or costly repairs in HVAC systems.

How much energy can I really save with regular maintenance?

During the peak seasons (summer and winter), your Home Comfort System may start as many as 10,000 times, using 45,000 watts upon each start-up. Your Home Comfort System works hard each season and neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in performance, while increasing your energy usage significantly.

Dirty components within your Home Comfort System may cause it to work more than 20% harder to achieve the same efficiency as a well-maintained system. This costs you money and puts excessive wear and tear on your system. With regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your system will be operating at peak performance and delivering maximum efficiency.

Does regular maintenance really extend the life of my Home Comfort System?

YES! Regular maintenance may catch small issues that may lead to system breakdowns or even whole system replacement.  Keeping up with regular maintenance prevents equipment failure at inconvenient times. The last thing you want is for your AC to fail during the triple digits of summer or for the heat to go out during the coldest day of winter. This is especially important for homeowners with health issues, children, and pets. Keep your family safe!

Regular maintenance keeps your equipment operating at maximum efficiency and increases the lifetime of your equipment.

Components in your system will show signs that they are wearing out, and a trained professional will be able to address these issues during maintenance. Problems can be addressed in a convenient manner, instead of during the middle of summer or winter when you need it the most. Better yet, you can void expensive repairs caused by larger issues or even whole system replacement. If you are interested in a maintenance agreement, give us a call. Our maintenance agreements also offer special discounts, same day replacement on parts (except for special order parts not stocked on our trucks), and priority front-of-the-line access (even during the busy season).

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